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Almost Super

by Dreamscape Productions

People's Choice

Just A Guy

by Obscure Studios

Best of College

Super: A Documentary

by Monte Ne Productions

Best of Post-College


by Twizzlers

Best of High School

Jimmy Killem LIVE!


Hear Me Out

by [Placeholder] Productions

The Adventures of Fruit Man and Berry Boy

by Lights, Camera, Action Film Club

The Nemesis

by Northeast Community College


by Kalta Studios

Soup or Hero

Portrait of A Superhero

by Smock and Beret

Writer’s Block

by Coo Cinema Club

Alacritous Blaze

by Book bRead

Mike and Liz

by RunForYourLife Productions

The Tighty Whitey Men

by Udo Velvet Productions

Snap To It!

by Reinstedt 4 Films

Project: Blueberries

by Cascade Entertainment

Super Duper: The Adventurous Start

by Triple Productions

Captain Mind

by Full April Productions


by 4 Amigos Studios

The Surreal

by Roaring 20s Productions

By A Touch

by Park Avenue Productions

M.D. Made in America

by DCS


by Obsidian Gold

Super Zeros

by Titan Cinematography