The Screening Room

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Love in the Dust

by Udo Velvet Productions

Post-College Winner

Roboy and Rogirl

by Rhosgobel Rabbits

Best of Show - 480 Hour

What’s in a Name

by Hand-Crafted


The Story of Alan

by Bravo Productions

High School Winner

My Brothers Deal

by Providence Productions


Heart Shaped Cereal

by Wombat Productions

Level Up

by Wesson Productions

The 7 Theft

by Water Phoenix Productions

His Finest Hour

by Valiant Misfits

7 of Hearts

by Under Construction

Wiped Again

by T-Ceia Productions

O Father Where Art Thou?

by No-Fly Zone


by Mutant Squid Productions

Tough Luck

by Letroupe Productions

The Sting

by J.K. Holmes

Lucky Number 7

by Ibam!

I Love Will

by Hot Void

Never Alone

by Gem City Productions

Everyday Heroes: Firefighters

by Food Fight Club Productions

A Well Maliced Breakfast

by Film N Stuff Productions

The Bear and the Iguana

by Davefoolery Films

The Darkman Cometh

by Dark Matter Productions

On the set: The Story of Filmius Crewvalis

by Crazy Ambition Productions

Great Minds Think Alike

by Chicken Head Productions

The Bakers

by Cascade Entertainment

A Little Too Sweet

by Blood in the Sink Productions

That Escalated Quickly

by A Good Hand Productions


by UUU Productions