The Screening Room

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Je Suis Francias

by Different Drum

High School Winner

Swing of Life

by Potter's Wheel and VideoKrue

People's Choice


by Paragon Productions


Perfect Picture

by Paper Route Pictures


Awards Ceremony


Casing Chiclets

by MJL

Got Parts?

by LARK Productions

The Beta Squad Shenanigans

by Landmark Video

The Case of the Botched Delivery

by Hook and Reel Productions

Bob and Fred Walk Home

by Hand Crafted Productions


by Food Fight Club Productions

Party Like It’s 1985

by Fingerprint Productions

It’s an Average Life

by F8-Full

Power Vixen and the Suer Villain Library

by Dutch-Irish Productions

Cube It

by Duck, Duck, Goose! Productions


by Dark Matter Productions

Lighten Up

by Dandy Lions Productions

Scratch and Sniff

by Completely Irrelevant Productions

Bearly In Time

by Cleek It


by Windgrass

Blood is Thicker Than Love

by Udo Velvet Productions

A Tale of Two Shorts

by Speedy, Long, and Hairy Productions

Dolled Up

by Spacebound Productions

Gut Wrenched

by So and So Films

Without a Clue

by Sea Beggar Productions

The Chicklet Heist

by Ruble and Schnape Schnape